Implementation Table

                                                          COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND ACTION ITEMS 




    TOPIC:                      Specific word:    
2.00.00Chapter 2Premier Community   
2.01.00Support a balance and integration of diverse housing and neighborhood types.Housing CD, MOCD, MO
2.01.01Encourage diverse housing options suitable for various income levels, household sizes, and lifestyle preferences.Housing CD, MOCD, MO
2.01.01AAlign City Code with the policies of the Comprehensive Plan to reflect the community's desires for various types, sizes, and designs of residential neighborhoods.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01BRegularly assess permitting activity and work to encourage a mix of housing types.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01CMaintain a range of residential land use designations that allow diverse lot sizes, housing types, and densities.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01DRegularly monitor local codes and ordinances to ensure compliance with state and federal laws such as the Fair Housing Act.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01EEncourage development of universally accessible home designs within new developments and home retrofits, allowing residents to age in place and creating full accessibility for all residents of varying levels of physical ability. HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01FMaintain clear and concise housing development ordinances, codes, requirements, restrictions, and policies that are consist with the Comprehensive Plan.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01GAvoid the concentration of any one housing type or lot size in any geographical area; provide for diverse housing types throughout the City.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01HLocate higher density housing near corridors with existing or planned transit, Downtown, and in proximity to employment centers.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01IConsider providing incentives to developers that produce affordable housing units as defined by federal and state agencies.HousingLowCDCD
2.01.01JSupport an open housing market for all persons, regardless of protected class.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01KRemove regulatory barriers and develop design criteria that support the construction of accessory dwelling units and micro homes where appropriate.HousingMediumCDCD
2.01.01LEnsure the Unified Development Code provides opportunities for diverse and innovative housing options.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01MSupport active-adult or independent senior living developments.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.01NWork with the County/State on developing property tax relief programs for seniors and others on low/fixed incomes.HousingLowMOMO
2.01.02Support a balance of housing tenure and supply and demand.Housing CDCD
2.01.02ARegularly monitor property tax revenue and vacancy rates in the rental and ownership market.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.02BCoordinate and align public and private housing development to improve consistency with local housing agency plans.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.02CExplore ways to encourage diversity of housing tenure and price points. HousingHighCDCD
2.01.02DEncourage a variety of housing types that meet the needs, preferences, and financial capabilities of Meridian's present and future residents.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.01.02ESupport housing affordability, special-needs housing, ownership opportunities, and housing rehabilitation through programs administered by the State of Idaho, Ada County, nonprofits, and federal agencies.HousingOn-goingCDCD
2.02.00Plan for safe, attractive, and well-maintained neighborhoods that have ample open space, and generous amenities that provide varied lifestyle choices.Housing CDCD
2.02.01Elevate and enhance the quality and connectivity of residential site and subdivision planning.Housing CDCD