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Temporary Use Permits

Temporary Use" refers to a use that varies from the typical or approved use of the property where a specific application would be made with the City of Meridian. Examples of a Temporary Use would be: Business tent sale, produce, craft or snow cone stand, fundraiser car wash, parade, festival or block party. All applicants need to follow any conditions noted in the permit; Some conditions would be to avoid obstructing side walks, streets or landscape areas. Restrict noise, litter and other impacts to neighbors and to ensure that parking is on a paved or dustless surface. The City may also require health department, tax commission or highway district approvals depending on the type of use you are applying for. Please contact the City Clerks office at 208-888-4433 for any additional questions you might have regarding a Temporary Use Permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The sale of fireworks is regulated by Title 5, Chapter 4 of the Meridian City Code, rather than the outdoor sales and temporary use provisions of Title 3.

If you wish to close a street or sidewalk, affect traffic flow, or create a greater-than-usual demand on City services, you need to obtain a Special Event Permit. This permit allows the highway district and the Police and Fire Departments to review your plans and ensure the safety of our public. You will also need a separate permit from Ada County Highway District. They can be reached at (208)387-6140.

A private party on land that is not open to the general public generally does not require a Temporary Use Permit. But if the use will affect traffic flow, close a street or require the provision of City services over and above that which is normally provided, you need to obtain a Special Event application.

Meridian City Code says that all persons wishing to have a temporary use, even in a park, must obtain a general Temporary Use Permit from the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office will route your application to the Parks & Recreation Department for review and approval – but please note that this process will not ensure availability of a park shelter or facility. To reserve a shelter or facility for your event, please call the Parks & Recreation Department at (208) 888-3579.

A mobile sales unit is a person or vehicle that travels or goes door-to-door in order to sell something. This includes ice cream trucks, roving food carts, and mobile food venders.

Anyone who operates or acts as a mobile sales unit needs to obtain a City of Meridian Mobile Sales Unit License before beginning to operate in Meridian. The City requires health department and tax commission approvals as necessary. All applicants must undergo a criminal background check and provide photographs, fingerprints, and proof of insurance.

The watchword is still “buyer beware” when dealing with traveling salespersons. Call 911 in an emergency. Non-emergency safety concerns regarding mobile sales units should be addressed to the Meridian Police Department at (208) 888-6678, and consumer issues to the Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Unit at (208) 334-2424.

No. You do not need to obtain a Mobile Sales Unit License for activity that is constitutionally protected by the First Amendment, such as campaigning for a political candidate.

No. Students may sell admission to a school function or carry on fundraisers on an occasional basis without a Mobile Sales Unit License.

Yes. Non-profit organizations are not exempt from the requirement to get a license based upon their tax-exempt or charitable status.

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