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Meridian Fire Department Celebrates Grand Opening of Fire Station 7

MERIDIAN- Meridian Fire Department celebrated its grand opening today, September 12,2023, on it’s seventh (7th) fire station, located at 6343 S. Recreation Ave. Meridian, ID 83642. The new fire station will improve response time in Southeast Meridian.
Fire Station Seven (7) was built on land provided by the Meridian Rural Fire Protection District. The longstanding relationship between Meridian Fire Department and the Meridian Rural Fire District ensures both incorporated and unincorporated parts of Meridian receive vital emergency services. Additionally, Ada County Paramedics will be renting out a portion of the station to co-locate a paramedic unit, allowing for faster response times for medical calls.
“This is a huge day for the community and those living in South Meridian. Station 7 will improve our services to the residents and growing business community,” said Mayor Simison. I appreciate the collaboration with our local government partners, staff, and the development community who all helped make this opening possible on time and under budget."
Memorializing the tragic events of September 11th, honoring those who lost their lives that day was a theme of today’s grand opening. The address, 6343 S. Recreation Ave., was chosen for this fire station to honor the 343 firefighters who tragically lost their lives that day. Speaking on the choice of address, Deputy Chief Charlie Butterfield said: “Firefighters throughout New York City answered the call that fateful day. They didn’t hesitate. They went to the call because that is what we do. We will forever remember the firefighters’ lives lost that day, memorialized with the address on this fire station.”
Following the innovative design of Meridian Fire Station 6, Fire Station 7 was built with the goal of reducing firefighter’s carcinogenic exposure. Because Meridian Fire Department is an all-hazards response organization, it is imperative that extra thought is put into the design of fire stations for the health and safety of Meridian’s first responders. The layout of the fire station allows for better ventilation, isolated areas for contaminated gear, easy access to the fire engine, and solid clean surfaces.
With the approval of Fiscal Year 2023 budget, the Meridian Fire Department began the hiring and training of thirty-three (33) new firefighters in October 2022 to help staff this expansion of services. As of today, September 12, thirty-one (31) firefighters have completed their academies, including Meridian’s largest ever academy of 15 new recruit firefighters. Additional firefighters will begin their journey with the Meridian Fire Department at the end of October. This represents a 35% increase in Meridian Firefighter Staffing.
Chief Blume thanked all those who made this day possible saying: “today was the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort by many people. We would like to thank Mayor Simison, City Council, Ada County Paramedics, and the Meridian Rural Fire District for their support for public safety in building this fire station. Providing this elevation of services to the Meridian Community and surrounding partners is essential to the safety and growth of this great community.”
Meridian Fire Department would like to thank all of the attendees from today’s event including Mayor Robert Simison, the Rural Fire Protection District, Meridian City Council, and members of the public. 

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