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Support Idaho Nonprofits with Idaho Gives

Meridian is proud to be a community full of residents dedicated to helping those in need. Whether it's volunteering for local organizations, lending a hand to a neighbor, or contributing to meaningful causes, our community members are always on the front lines. The time and efforts people give charities and organizations to help those in need keeps families fed, clothed and housed – as well as a multitude of other needs – which means we have less dependence upon government services.

While time and talent are valuable offerings, most all organizations rely upon financial contributions in order to help carry out their services. This brings us to the importance of Idaho Gives which was launched in 2013 by the Idaho Nonprofit Center. Idaho Gives - which begins today and runs through May 4 this year - aims to raise awareness and funds for local nonprofits. Since its inception, they have raised almost $20 million for hundreds of organizations and causes, and they hope to raise $4 million this year alone.

On average, 31% of a nonprofit’s budget is raised by individual gifts and galas. Idaho Gives is a great way for more individuals to give and support their favorite charities. We urge you to join us in supporting your favorite charity by visiting this week. With over 640 nonprofits registered, you can narrow your search by location, cause, and even find an "underdog" to support. Some local options include the Center At the Park Meridian Senior Center, Community Coalitions of Idaho, Meridian Food Bank, and Treasure Valley Children's Theater, among others.

It's important to recognize the immense value Idaho nonprofits bring to our state, supporting families, veterans, animals, the arts, education, and much more. Nonprofits offer crucial services, healthcare, food, housing, arts programming, and help make Meridian the exceptional place it is. With Idaho Gives, we can work together to elevate our community and provide support to those in need.

Through Idaho Gives, the community can work together to elevate support for those in need and create positive change. We extend our gratitude to those organizations that serve our community and the donors who make it a success. Remember that one person can make a difference, but collectively, we can create positive change for people and issues requiring community support. Here in Idaho, we're known for people helping people, so let's continue to make a meaningful impact by supporting Idaho Gives.

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