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Government Excellence

Meridian will encourage open, transparent and approachable government. We will embody our CARE values utilizing proactive, high quality communication with our citizens and stakeholders enhancing community engagement. We will invest in our employees in order to deliver our citizens the most innovative, efficient, and value added services, while providing financially sound, resilient and effective government.

Goals and Strategies

Provide increased accessibility and transparency to government information at all levels which empowers residents to make decisions and utilize their voice and make informed decisions.

  • Increase accessibility to data, communications and physical locations for all groups.
  • Improve and support voter accessibility efforts through Council Districting and pursing advisory votes.
  • Develop methods and tools to educate and connect people to their city government and public officials.
  • Develop additional self-service options for staff and citizen transparency.


Pursue solutions to ensure growth pays for itself in areas of education, transportation and other government provided services to achieve community priorities.

  • Partner with government service providers for development impact fees for schools, county facilities, state highways and other needs so growth can pay for growth.
  • Advocate for our regional partners to act in the best interest of the citizens of Meridian.
  • Develop efforts to coordinate long term planning through elected official engagement.


Empower employees to innovate operations, update ordinances and simplify processes in order to improve effectiveness and provide premier services to our citizens.

  • Perform a complete review of all ordinances, codes and policies in the City of Meridian to assess their value and relevance to the community.
  • Establish and implement a robust continuous improvement program within the City.
  • Provide employees and citizens with opportunities to offer ideas for process improvement and innovation.


Utilize data informed decision making to meet the premier standard for customer service and service delivery.

  • Engage with industry and trade associations to identify and implement new innovative methods and technology.
  • Create data dashboards to assist with deployment of resources and analytics.
  • Evaluate and prioritize departmental needs to be provided by IT services.


Exemplify and prioritize premier service through investment in our employees with skill based training and career path advancement opportunities.

  • Successfully integrate new employees into City culture through onboarding activities.
  • Create and implement comprehensive supervisor development and training program.
  • Implement a career development program to provide a clear path forward for employees.
  • Create and implement a robust internship program.
  • Assess gaps in training between position requirements and incumbent skills and training.


Outcome Measure

  • Improvement on the City is using your tax dollars wisely
  • Improvement on heading in the right direction (Citizen Survey Q3, #8, #9)


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