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Recreation In Early Meridian

The Dairy Bar

The circa 1947 photo below is of the Dairy Bar. It was a popular hangout for young residents and located at the corner of East Main Street and Fairview Avenue, the so-called North Curve. Before the freeway, the state highway snaked down Franklin Road, turned left onto the main drag and then right along the North Curve toward Boise.

The Red, White, and Blue Dance Hall

The Red, White, and Blue Dance Hall, shown below in a photo from 1927, was the scene of many organized dances. When it was the scene of Walkathon dances, many parents discouraged their youth from attending. A cash prize was awarded to the couple that could stay on their feet for the longest time; short resting periods were observed and a local physician, often Dr. H.F. Neal, was present. On one occasion, a local couple of note won the cash prize. After their original partners quit, they continued dancing and held each other up long enough to be the last dancers. They won the cash prize and decided to get married. They rode to Boise in the back of a truck to obtain their license and were wed at the dance hall.

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