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Meridian Rural High School


200 E. Carlton Avenue


Meridian Rural High School was built in 1912. From 1912-1913, it was the first building west of Denver to have poured cement to the level of the first floor. Built for $32,000, District #33 bonded itself for the building when all, but two of the country grade school districts failed to support the new high school district. A rough count estimates that over 3,000 high school students graduated from this school. It later served as a 9th grade for the entire school district and then as an intermediate school, before it was condemned. The property was purchased and remodeled by local owners and used as by the motor vehicle licensing department. In later years it was purchased by the Cole Community Church and now serves as their high school.

The Meridian Historical Society’s first public office was in the former girl’s restroom and was just barely wide enough for a
file cabinet, a person and a work table! The last window east on the second floor was in that office.


Meridian historian Lila Hill presents Meridian Rural High School:

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