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Future Land Use Map Designation Cut Sheet

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Sample Zoning C-N, C-C, and C-G
Description This designation will provide opportunities for low-impact business areas. These uses would include professional offices, technology and resource centers; ancillary commercial uses may be considered (particularly within research and development centers or technological parks).
Sample Policy
  • Require all new development to create a site design compatible with surrounding uses through buffering, screening, transitional densities, and other best site design practices.
  • Promote area beautification and community identity through context sensitive building and site design principles, appropriate signage, and attractive landscaping.
  • Require appropriate building design, and landscaping elements to buffer, screen, beautify, and integrate commercial, multifamily, and parking lots into existing neighborhoods.
  • Require attractive landscaping and pedestrian friendly design within new developments.
  • Require the improvement and maintenance of landscaping along public rights-of-way and landscaping of dedicated but unimproved rights-of-way strips.
  • Locate smaller-scale, neighborhood-serving commercial and office use clusters so they complement and provide convenient access from nearby residential areas, limiting access to arterial roadways and multimodal corridors.
  • Reduce the number of existing access points onto arterial streets by using methods such as cross-access agreements, access management, and frontage/backage roads, and promoting local and collector street connectivity.

Site Pattern

References & Resources

1. City of Meridian Comprehensive Plan

2. Meridian Unified Development Code

3. Meridian Architectural Standards Manual

Notes: See the References & Resources section for additional materials. When determining appropriate zoning of a property, the transition from existing, adjacent zoning designations, as well as future anticipated land use should be considered.


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