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Fields Subarea Plan

The Fields Subarea Plan, bound by Ustick Road, McDermott Road, Chinden Boulevard and Can-Ada Road, presents an incredible opportunity to plan for one of the City’s last growth areas, in a way that aligns with the Vision described in the Meridian Comprehensive Plan; continues to grow the employment base; and integrates high-quality neighborhoods, parks and pathways, and schools. A central mixed-use activity center will serve as a hub for surrounding neighborhoods, and integrates neighborhood-scale retail and services, office, civic, and park space in the very center of the Area.

The Fields Subarea Plan was adopted on December 21, 2021 by resolution #21-2302.

Character and Design

The following repository of application information is intended to serve as a resource for the character and design of future development proposals within the Fields Subarea Plan. While many architectural styles and materials are very appropriate, the intention is for an overall cohesive thematic that is "modern rural".

General categories to consider and apply this thematic include: housing; amenities; streetscape/open space; and retail/commercial (page 3-11 through 3-14). See also pages 4-11 for residential developments, 4-20 for guidance on open space, 4-21 for preservation of historical resources. The Star and McMillan Center includes additional guidelines and needs. 

Many examples are included in the Fields Sub Area Plan (PDF).

Name Type of Project (Uses) Project ID / Link
Cole Valley Christian School Pre-K-12 - AZ, CUP Standard school with requirements for landscaping and signage to align with the Fields.

Note: Projects which began the entitlement process prior to the Plan's adoption are not referenced here.

Historical Area Activities

2017 Fields Focus Area Update (Intermountain Gas LNG Plant)

An evaluation study was initiated to review future land uses within northwest Meridian. This Fields Focus Area Update was within a portion of the Fields Area, and focused in the vicinity of the Intermountain Gas Liquified Natural Gas Plant. The purpose of this study was to identify appropriate future land uses that were compatible with an existing Intermountain Gas facility.

On August 15, 2017, the Meridian City Council approved a change to the City of Meridian Future Land Use Map to reflect the Intermountain Gas (LNG) storage plant. The future land use designation around this facility is now Industrial. To review the application and additional information, see the project folder on the City's public records website here: Laserfische Document Center ».

Contact Information

For more information, please reach out to the Comprehensive Planning Staff ». 

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