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Historic Preservation Commission

This commission works to preserve the character and fabric of historically-significant areas and structures within the City of Meridian to honor and preserve its rich heritage for future generations. The Historic Preservation Commission shall consist of up to 7 members serving a term of 3 years. At least 2 appointed members shall have professional training or experience in the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, urban planning, archaeology, engineering, law or other historic preservation related disciplines. Meetings are held at 4:30 pm on the fourth Thursday of each month at Meridian City Hall.

Current Members

Ken Freeze 1 October 31, 2026
Blaine Johnston 2 October 31, 2024
Patrick Gittings 3 October 31, 2026
Debra Pitts 4 October 31, 2025
Pam Jagosh 5 October 31, 2025
John Keller (Youth) 6 September 30, 2024
Heather Giacomo 7 October 31, 2024


HPC President giving a historic walking tour of downtown Meridian

Historic Preservation President, Blaine Johnston, giving a historic walking tour of downtown Meridian

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