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K9 Unit

The K9 Unit is currently comprised of six officer/canine teams, all of whom are dual-purpose (drug detection & criminal apprehension). The unit is supervised by an assigned Lieutenant and Sergeant.

All of the department K9's are certified in the State of Idaho to find Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin. Primarily, the K9 teams assist fellow officers with locating these illegal drugs in vehicles during field investigations. They are also utilized inside residences and schools.

In addition to drug detection certification, the department K9 teams are also state certified in criminal apprehension. These K9 teams assist fellow officers in the apprehension of serious/violent suspects. They are primarily used for major crimes in progress, such as burglary, robbery, domestic battery and many other situations where a suspect possess an immediate/significant threat to the public and officers.

K9 Tuso

K9 Tuso

K9 Griz


K9 Arco

K9 Wyatt

K9 Gus

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