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Environmental Excellence Awards

Meridian’s Environmental Excellence Awards recognize businesses, individuals, and organizations for their innovation in and commitment to environmental stewardship to make Meridian a sustainable, healthy, and premier community.

Award Eligibility

Nominee's efforts in environmental stewardship must go above and beyond the minimum standards required by law.

  • Businesses – Located in or operating within the City of Meridian.
  • Individuals – Current Meridian resident(s).
  • Organizations – Located in or operating within the City of Meridian. 

Award Categories

Teaching children and/or adults how to learn about and investigate their environment, and make informed decisions about how they can take care of it.

Promoting increased fuel efficiency or supporting alternative forms of transportation – walking, bicycling, carpooling, public transit.

Projects may promote green design, positive ecological footprints, advance energy efficiency, or improve air quality.

Responsible water resource management, reduce pollution sources or improve landscape with drought tolerant plants or green stormwater infrastructure.

Improving processes to reduce waste, recycle/reuse materials, and reduce the use of hazardous substances.

2022 Award Winners

Dan Fraser


Over the past six years, Dan Fraser has generously volunteered his time to recover and repair over 1,800 bicycles for Meridian's Recycle a Bicycle Program. These refurbished bikes have been donated to individuals and local community groups, providing sustainable and healthy transportation options. Since 2017, Dan has been volunteering at the Meridian Transfer Station, assembling and repairing bikes that would otherwise end up in the landfill, giving them a new lease on life for children and adults alike. Dan's unwavering commitment to the Recycle a Bicycle program has played a pivotal role in its success

Kleiner Park Pollinator Project


The Kleiner Park and Heroes Park Pollinator Garden Projects have created vital habitats for native bees, butterflies, beetles, and other pollinators through the strategic planting of pollinator-attracting plants. These projects have been established and maintained by the Meridian Co-Op Gardeners and various volunteer groups. Educational signs at the Kleiner Park Pollinator Garden provide visitors with opportunities to learn more about pollinators and plants at their own pace. By creating habitats for native pollinators, the Kleiner Park Pollinator Projects have helped to restore a crucial ecosystem function and have inspired others to incorporate similar pollinator habitats in their own landscapes, enhancing the beauty of both parks.

2021 Award Winners

Micro 100

For efforts in hazardous waste reduction and  pollution prevention.

Republic Services

For commitment to responsible resource use in reducing emissions, utilizing re-use water, and providing opportunities for waste diversion.

2020 Award Winners

Boise Co-Op

For commitment and innovation in waste reduction through public education, reducing non-recyclable plastics, and diverting food waste from the landfill.

South Meridian YMCA

For commitment to energy efficiency and conservation through implementation of energy efficiency measures at their Meridian facility.

Trash or Treasure/Brett Baranco

For leading the development of Meridian’s Trash or Treasure program giving old items new life and keeping them out of the landfill.

2019 Award Winners

Roaring Springs/Wahooz

For commitment to sustainability through implementing energy efficiency projects throughout their facilities.

Julie Scanlin

For a career devoted to environmental education impacting thousands of teachers leading Idaho's Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

2018 Award Winners

United Heritage Insurance

For commitment and leadership in sustainability through investment in electric vehicle technology and solar energy at their Meridian Campus

Juli Bokenkamp - Meridian Co-Op Gardeners

For leading the continued development of the Co-op Garden and promoting sustainable gardening and food production practices

Idaho Power

For promotion and investment in energy efficiency and conservation programs for Meridian homes and businesses

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