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2235 8th St. NW
Meridian, Idaho 83646
Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM


For utility line locates, please call Digline at 811

For irrigation information, please visit »


The City of Meridian gets its water from the Snake River Plain Aquifer System flowing underneath the City.

An aquifer is an area of water-bearing rock and soil deep underground.

Water is accessed through 25 large capacity, deep (between 400 and 800 feet) groundwater wells throughout the City.

Groundwater is sourced from underground aquifers. Surface water is sourced from reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.

The City can store 2 million gallons of water in the two storage facilities. Two additional storage facilities are planned in the near future. 

You will still have water if the power goes out. The City has backup power generators at 17 of its well sites.

Depending on where you are in town, you can expect between 50 and 80 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). 

The maximum pumping capacity is 30,400 gallons per minute (or 43.7 million gallons in one day).

The City takes 120 microbiological samples per month along with multiple regulated and non-regulated samples at our water sources and throughout the Water Distribution System. You can find more information in the annual Water Quality Report at»

Less than 1mg/L (1 milligram per liter is equivalent to 1 part per million parts). The City does not add fluoride to our water; any fluoride detected is naturally present in the groundwater sources.

On average, City of Meridian water has a hardness of 7 grains per gallon.

Discolored water is caused by naturally occurring iron and manganese in the groundwater combined with the small amount of Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine) we inject for disinfection. This chlorine oxidizes “rusts” the iron and manganese molecules causing them to discolor and settle on the bottom of the distribution pipe. Occasionally during high-use situations, such as flushing or construction, these particles will become suspended in the water and subsequently cause discoloration. The water is safe to drink as these are iron and manganese minerals that are always present in the water.

Yes. Since the water we pump out of the ground is free of bacteria and other living organisms, we inject chlorine to ensure the water remains safe to drink in the event that bacteria enters the distribution system either by construction activites, leaks or other unknown factors. Our job and responsibility is to provide clean, safe drinking water in ample quantities on a daily basis.

Newer homes typically have a shut-off valve located on the property for homeowner use. These shut-off valves are usually located in the crawl space, closet, or garage. Some homes, unfortunately, do not have a shut-off valve; these customers can call the Water Division 208-888-5242 to have the water shut off at the meter.

Meridian's water source wells contain no traces of lead. 

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