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Comprehensive Plan

Welcome to Meridian's Comprehensive Plan; our vision and guide for the future. Read the entire Plan here in your web browser, or download a PDF. Browse topical information by Themes (chapters), check out policies in Implementation, and view related links in Resources. Looking for context? Check out the Introduction.

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Adoption & Amendments

Adopted: December 17, 2019

Resolution: No. 19-2179

List of Amendments to Comprehensive Plan since Adoption:

Date Resolution Description
09/01/2020 20-2224 Adding priority levels and assigning responsible department leads to the existing policies of the Plan.
12/021/2021 21-2302 Adopting the Fields Subarea Plan by reference.
10/25/2022 22-2347 Adopting the Existing Conditions Report 2022 by reference.
08/22/2023 23-2406 Amending the policy text, priorities, and lead/support Departments.
03/05/2024 24-2440 Update and/or replace certain text and graphics associated with the mixed-use sections of the Comprehensive Plan, including other minor revisions, terms, and a new appendix.

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